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Providing a Faster and More Effective Customer Service

With Quickturn, you optimize the administration of any customer service department through the management and generation of digital ticket turns.

What's Quickturn?

Quickturn is a management software to generate digital turns. It is compatible with almost any operating system and device, its objective is to facilitate and optimize the response of customer service departments among several types of businesses, it is optimized to provide faster and more effective response, making users feel satisfied with the speed and convenience of the service.


On screen display

Customers will be able to see their digital turns through the screen or on their mobile devices with the installed App, facilitating the service.

QR code

Generates a QR code to monitor the turns while outside the facilities or place of processing.

Service Totem

Generates automatically the digital turns according to the client's requirements and digitally on almost any mobile device.


Notification system and reminders of service and appointment scheduling.

Appointment scheduling

Built with internal and external support.

Multiple Services

Generate digital turns for multiple services and set the parameters for each of them.

Whatsapp Maxisale

We convert your WhatsApp into your best sales channel!

— Potentiate and automate the interaction with your customers.
— Create your own commercial catalog.
— Manage reports and statistics.

For customers orders

After locating the restaurant menu link on social networks, by word of mouth, through a friend or by scanning a QR code you will be able to place the order with the online menu, then, you will be able to send the order directly to the restaurant's WhatsApp.

For business owners

The process begins when they hear a new message on their WhatsApp. They will be able to ask for details of the order and the delivery address. The restaurant can also inform how long it will take to deliver the order.


Payment methods

Accept payment on delivery or receive payments directly through a payment link.

Start selling

Create your product catalog, and start receiving orders on your phone via WhatsApp.

Orders View and Analysis

Get a detailed report of your orders and earnings. Follow the growth of your business with us.

Know your customers

You will be creating a direct bound with your customer. A loyal customer that will know where to find you the next time.

Create your virtual catalog

Create your product catalog directly on our platform. Products updating, made Easy and simple.

Chat orders

You will receive the order on your WhatsApp. Continue the chat and complete your order. Take full advantage of our chatbot.

Connect learning

It is an online course marketplace with a pile of features that helps to run your online education business easily. This product helps instructors and students to get in touch together and share knowledge. Connect learning is based on real business needs, cultural differences and advanced user research, so this product covers your business requirements efficiently.

Discount Redeemer

It is an application that allows you to offer promotions and coupons so that visitors can redeem them at their preferred store. Configure discount percentages, 2x1, 3x1, free products when buying others and many other options.



Customize the appearance, design and features of the product, giving you the flexibility to adjust them to your brand vision and business strategy.


Follow your own commercial strategy, implement discounts, bonuses and promotions according to the brands agreements, establish the days and hours in which the promotion will be available so that users can redeem it.


Generate reports of what is sold in a period of time to the business, and allows the user to see how much money you have saved with used coupons.

Technician Control

It is an easy-to-implement platform that will allow you to manage your entire team of personnel on the street or in service. From generation of work orders, digital signatures of client compliance, generation of route sheets, GPS tracking. Gather solutions for each area/activity of the company (sales, on-site service, distribution, workshop, etc.)



Automatically carry out the weekly, monthly, annual planning of tasks, work orders, technical service, technical visits, service visits. Coordinate the agendas, keep the traceability of the works and the history of the services.


The members of your team receive the day's route sheet on their mobile phone and can confirm the work carried out in real time, including registering photos and digital signatures.


Obtain information in quick-read automatic reports such as: start and end times of the working day, clients visited, time spent visiting clients, alerts for leaving the work zone, distances traveled and more.

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